About Anna B

Anna Blumenfeld, professionally known as Anna B, started her design career in her native Sao Paulo, Brazil, at age 22. Prior to becoming a clothing designer, Anna worked as a producer on many TV commercials as well as films. In 1986, Anna and her sister Bia started Argentum, a Women’s Sportswear line.

By 1989, she left Argentum and moved to New York to set her sight on the challenging area of Women’s Evening Wear and Haute Couture.

Anna opened the offices of Anna B, Inc, on 7th Avenue in 1992, in the heart of the Garment District. Within a very short time, she achieved great success and her creations adorned the windows of Barneys NY, Henri Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman to name a few, as well as throughout the US and Worldwide. Cover stories on WWD, Women Wear Daily, and other fashion publications soon followed.

In the fall of 1999 the Fashion House was restructured to focus strictly into one of a kind Haute Couture Evening Wear, opening its Studio in Old Westbury, Long Island, providing easy access to clients from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut as well as out of state.

With this new concept, customers that once bought Anna B in the stores, now had direct access to the designer and the handmade pieces of art she could create specifically for them. Meeting with each client, allowed an unique approach to magnificent gowns, excellence in craftsmanship, attention to detail and perfect fit as well as individual attention.

Anna B focus into every detail, from unique imported fabrics, exclusive beading and embroidered work, to stitching, colors and of course style and design. From the wedding dress to the black tie charity balls, the Bar Mitzvah girl or the mother and host, or the cocktail dress, it is clear when someone is wearing an Anna B Design.

Dresses fall into a broad range of prices, depending on fabric and workmanship. All aspects of the process are carefully and individually thought out, leaving customers very satisfied.

The AnnaB Design Process

Here’s a closer look at how Anna B fulfills clients’ desires and expectations using a fabulous, personal touch:

1. AnnaB meets with you. The purpose of the meeting is to find out more about you and what you expect in a distinctive dress. This first appointment is structured to be easy and informal, but focused. Your style? Event considerations? What makes you feel and look special? This is the time to give AnnaB all the details and desires. Anna guides you through selecting high-quality fabrics and choosing a unique design.

2. From idea to sketch… Following the initial discussion with you, AnnaB creates conceptual art and sketches to demonstrate that she understands what you like, what you are looking for, and what you want to communicate through the medium of couture.

3. … And from sketch to prototype. Once you’ve collaborated on the sketches and approved the designs, AnnaB devises a physical prototype version for you to see and feel. The excitement begins to build — your dress is almost here, and you are almost “there”!

4. Final design, final countdown! After a few fittings and fine adjustments, AnnaB completes the final design for the event’s perfect dress — yours. No other is just like it.